Garages Are More Important Than You Think. So, If You Don’t Have One, Should You Build? Find Out Here How Much Value a Garage Can Add To Your House

photo-002After having a garage, many homeowners wonder how they ever lived without one. There’s something great about pulling up into a nice, air conditioned space when getting out of your car on a hot summer day. The simple answer is yes, if you have room, you might want to build a garage. Actually, a garage makes a huge difference, even to renters so you can imagine how important it is to someone who wishes to own the house. Renters even are willing to pay more for a home with a garage. Many buyers feel the same way, and you might have too when you first bought your house.

Not every buyer considers a home without a garage a complete deterrence. Some buyers simply don’t care either way about a garage, and feel that it happens to be a ‘perk’ if the house they like has one.

However, it is difficult to say with certainty whether or not one should build a garage only because they have the room and money to, because it may not add value to your home. This is something that you’ll have to think about personally, as w14ell as under the advisement of a realtor and a professional real estate appraiser who has a lot of knowledge about neighborhood and market ‘comps.’ Though, if you have a garage but it needs some work done to it, you probably should go ahead and do the few minor repairs it needs to have it looking nice. For example, if the concrete is really dirty or stained, consider sealing it or adding a nice finish.

Whether you build, repair, or renovate your garage, keep in mind that you do not need to design it as if it were to be in this month’s Architectural Digest. As long as it looks maintained, and is in good shape, that will do the trick. If you are building one, try to create a little extra space as another reason buyers love garages is that they can store things such as tools bikes, and other seasonal equipment or items.

Depending on the materials on the exterior of the house, this endeavor may prove to be expensive. For example, slate, brick, and stone can really drive up the price, while asphalt and basic framing will be very cheap. Please don’t forget to consider the length of the project compared to when you need your home sold. This alone could be the deciding factor of whether or not you should build or renovate one.


2 thoughts on “Garages Are More Important Than You Think. So, If You Don’t Have One, Should You Build? Find Out Here How Much Value a Garage Can Add To Your House

  1. Kelsey

    I’m looking at buying a house right now. I’ve seen several with and without garages; lack of a garage wouldn’t really bother me..

    1. Jeffrey Edwards

      Hi. It does not bother lots of people! Anyone reading this article should take into consideration the fact that you shouldn’t necessarily pass up a great home if it doesn’t have a garage. Just about any home you look at is going to cost you to sacrifice something on your “wish list.”


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