With Many Types Of Driveway Materials To Choose From, Which Should You Select? Read Here For The Pros and Cons Of Different Driveway Materials To See Which Is Best For You

There is no better curb appeal than a long, gorgeous driveway. If you’re selling your house and you have a driveway, consider yourself lucky! The truth is that driveways often have the ability to stand out as the most prominent feature of a house; they also can add excellent curb appeal that will help the overall aesthetic of the exterior of your home. This is important, because all successful sellers (and un-successful ones) know that curb appeal is one of the main components you must have when selling a house. farmhouse-shed

However, an old driveway that needs major repairs can also bring the value of the house down. Buyers will be looking at the outside of your house first. Because of this, they will notice immediately that the driveway is in bad shape and so before even stepping into the home, they’re already thinking about money they’re going to have to come up with. If your driveway has cracks, you should probably consider repairing it or adding a new one; this will likely help your home to sell much faster.

Realize, that you’ll probably not get a whole lot back when it comes to appraised value; but, it will help in that the driveway won’t literally ‘drive’ buyers away.

Wooden-garage-doorsIt is possible that your driveway’s cosmetic cracks might have little or no impact on getting it sold. On the other hand, its highly possible that if a buyer sees major or deep cracks, they’ll assume that there are problems underneath the concrete and might decide they don’t want to fool with it.

If your home is not necessarily a gem, you might not need bother replacing or repairing it. However, if you have a very expensive home, you should replace your driveway if it is in a very poor condition. If you choose to replace it, hire a licensed contractor. Be sure that you get written, and very detailed estimates. Be sure that all aspects are covered in the estimate, otherwise things can get a little hairy, especially with contractors. Many times when working with one, a lot is done verbally more than in writing. This is actually why you hear so many people complaining about their contractors. driveway2

Asphalt is a very nice material to use when building a driveway; they are being used less often these days, but it is a great option, as stains don’t show up on it. You’re also able to put a seal that will make it look shiny and new again when it begins looking ‘dull.’ Asphalt is also easy to fill in, should small cracks appeared. The main argument, however, about asphalt is that its lifespan isn’t as long as concrete. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “With Many Types Of Driveway Materials To Choose From, Which Should You Select? Read Here For The Pros and Cons Of Different Driveway Materials To See Which Is Best For You

  1. Fred

    I just don’t understand the point of putting money into a house that I’m going to be selling. Even if I get all of it back. Selling the house has been a very stressful process.

    1. Jeffrey Edwards

      Good point, Fred. This is a frustration many sellers experience. However, sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money. Talk to your realtor and see what they suggest. Good luck.


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